Company Profile

Company Name Hosiden Kyushu Corporation
Address 3024-38, Oaza Nakayama, Kurate-cho, Kurate-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture,
807-1312 Japan
Phone number Phone: +81-949-42-2311
Date Established August 12, 1968
Capital Stock 90 million yen
Board of Directors Chairman and President: Kenji Furuhashi
President and Director: Harumi Kitatani
Managing Director and Factory Manager: Kensuke Nakanishi
Director: Kanemasa Mizuta
Director: Shingo Sato
Audit & Supervisory Board Member: Takafumi Tsuru
No. of Employees 129
Business Area Development and manufacture of miniature microphones
Sales 6.0 billion yen (results as of 2021)
Renewal As of June 2022

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Company History

August 1968 Company is established with a capital stock of 10 million yen through advancement under the Coal Producing Area Development Act.
April 1969 With the completion of the factory building, the company begins manufacturing magnetic heads.
June 1973 Begins production of electret condenser microphones.
June 1982 Begins production of drivers for telephones.
April 1985 Increases capital stock to 90 million yen as new capital.
October 1986 Begins production of microphones for video cameras and stereo microphones.
October 1990 Kyushu Hosiden Corporation is renamed Hosiden Kyushu Corporation.
(Change applies company-wide to Hosiden Group in Japan)
September 1994 Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
March 1996 Begins mass production of the world’s slimmest (1 m/m thick) microphone.
July 1997 Cumulative shipments of ECMs reach 1 billion units.
February 1999 Expansion B is completed and operations commence.
October 1999 Obtained ISO 14001 certification.
May 2001 Expansion A is completed and operations commence.
January 2008 Begins mass production of MEMS microphones.
April 2010 Cumulative shipments of ECMs reach 4 billion units.
January 2012 In-house production line for MEMS microphones begins operation.
March 2017 Obtained ISO/TS 16949 certification.
January 2018 Obtained IATF 16949:2016 certification.
November 2021 Cumulative shipments of MEMS microphones reach 400 million units.